European Folk Art and Craft Federation is founded in Switzerland  1972

The administrative structure of the Federation is the General Assembly of Members, the Board and the Auditor.



  • The purpose of the Federation in to preserve and develop craft in a traditional and modern way and to promote exchange og experiences.
  • In order to achieve it`s objective, the Federation shall promote the interchange of experience among its members, organize meetings and conferences, create an official website and hold exhibitions and take further steps to promote its common cause.


  • EFACF consists of 11 non commercial Folk art and craft organizations in 10 different European countries. The member organizations are organized  differently and  please go directly to the individual homepage to have a broader information about each member.
  • EFACF is run by a board of three persons, elected at the General Assembly which takes place every third year. The General Secretary is in charge of  the regular activity and handles questions etc.
  • The election period is 2018 – 2021 and the present board is:

General Secretary Mrs  Solveig Torgersen Grinder,  Norwegian Folk Art and Craft Association. Members of the board: Mrs Liina Veskimägi-Iliste, Estonian  Folkart & Craft Union and Mrs Anna Åhlin Orwin,  Swedish Handicraft Society